Terms and conditions
Requests for availability or reservation, or possible modifications, must be the object of an email. Our confirmation of reservation will also be given in writing. The telephone exchanges on the availability of a reservation are purely informative.
Validation of a reservation:
The stays are guaranteed only by the reception of a deposit whose amount corresponds to 35% of the total amount of the stay and deductible from the pay of the invoice.
You can regulate these deposits and balances in 3 ways:
  • By credit transfer without expenses (faster for a guaranteed reservation/for the expenses please check this point with your bank).
  • By bank/credit card (subject to acceptance). The holder of the chart explicitly gives the authorization to B&B Brughia to deduct the deposits and/or balances agreed under the present conditions of sale.
In the event of cancellation of stay, the holder of the chart authorizes B&B Brughia if necessary to take the deposit possibly not taken and reservation balances, according to methods' envisaged with the cancellation conditions.
It is starting from the cashing of a deposit or communication of your N° of credit card that your reservation will be firm. The payment of a deposit implies the acceptance of these general conditions of sale.
In the event of final cancellation, the versed deposits remain definitively with B&B Brughia.
Hour of arrival: The rooms are available as agreed upon reservation. Thank you for not arriving after 22h00 and to prevent for every arrival after 19h00.
Time of departure: The time of departure of the rooms must be done before 11h00 or otherwise in agreement with B&B Brughia.
Change of rooms: Without the customer not being able to prevail himself of any allowances, the owner reserves the possibility of changing the room initially reserved by the customer by a room of the same or of higher capacity. In such a case, the cost of the reservation remains unchanged.
Gift vouchers B&B Brughia:
Gift vouchers and the conditions of sale of B&B Brughia are accepted by the customer and the recipients of the gift vouchers.  
Vouchers are sent after the integral payment of the amount of the order.
The gift voucher is regarded as a means of payment, the conditions of cancellation described under our conditions apply to the gift vouchers which will be cancelled in whole or part according to times' of cancellation.  Recipient of the gift vouchers do not have to pay a deposit to guarantee their reservations. The gift voucher acts as deposit.
Pets: are not accepted.
Art of living: The respect of a certain art of living is requested from all the hosts to guarantee the quietude of the guest house and the comfort of its hosts. Moreover, it is not allowed to smoke in the house. The customer commits himself respecting the instructions and guidelines mentioned in the scrapbook in the rooms and in the present general conditions of sale. The customer commits himself to return the rooms in perfect state at the end of its stay and to declare, and be assuming financially, any possible degradation for which it could be responsible on the property.
Cancellation: If cancellation intervenes less than 3 days before the beginning of the stay, the deposits remains with B&B Brughia'. If cancellation intervenes more than 3 days before the beginning of the stay,
B&B Brughia is committed to refund the deposit paid by the customer within 8 days.
If the customer didn’t prevent for a late arrival and the customer does not appear before 7.30 p.m. the day envisaged of the beginning of the stay, B&B Brughia can have its rooms. The deposits remains sure in B&B Brughia.
In the event of cancellation, the customer can claim no compensation on behalf of B&B Brughia and gives up prevailing himself of any damage.
The present conditions of sale can be modified without notice. The acceptance and the respect of these conditions of sale are famous assets as of the payment on the accounts.
In accordance with the law of January 6, 1978, you profit from a right of access and of correction to the data concerning you. B&B Brughia is committed not transmitting any information that you communicated to him at other companies or organizations.